Wedding Videographer confirmed! – MVR Weddings.

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  1. Thulasi Sudhakaran says:

    Hi Rio,

    Just a quick question, sorry if this seems weird, but did you get your final video and pictures in time from Marius? I had my reception in Jan 2013, and I still have not got my videos from him. He migrated to SA permanently now, without informing me though.

    • Hi there.

      My wedding in November has not taken place yet and I have since changed my videographer due to MVR’s actions of leaving the country and not informing me after we had confirmed them. I was extremely angry and disappointed, as they had previously told me of another photographer/videographer that they used to work for who did the same. Thank god I exchanged no money with them at that point. I actually thought I had deleted this post :S…. I think I will put a warning up.

      So sorry about what happened to you. I would put a compliant in ASAP. You paid, they shot your wedding, you are OWED what you paid for.

      Rio x

      • Thulasi Sudhakaran says:

        Hey Rio,

        Thanks a lot for your reply. Yes I know I was furious too when I found out, its been a nightmare following up with them everyday through emails. Anyway….all the best wishes for your wedding :):) hope u have a wonderful life together with your husband :):)


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