My Dubai wedding flowers

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  1. Carly Mc cabe says:

    I made initial contact with Hana at Vintage Bloom last September when I was looking at venues. I had seen a lot of their work, I thought it was lovely and I decided to choose them as my flower vendor. I explained what I wanted as I was leaving to go back to Ireland I wanted to give them an idea, they have a price and I paid my deposit. I had asked was there a discount or anything they could knock off the price as I know people that live in Dubai and they had said everything is negotiable when it comes to weddings. Hana from Cintage Bloom told me that “we usually don’t deal with your price range” !!! I don’t feel for one moment that €1300 is a small amount to spend on flowers for a wedding to speak about a customers budget. In their advertisement they state that they cater for all budgets. I was a little annoyed but I decided to let it slide.
    When I got home to Ireland I sent email back and forth if images and ideas of what I had for my wedding party and the venue. Quite soon into returning home they never returned my emails, ever. Not even an acknowledgement to say we are busy and will get back to you when we can, nothing. With my other wedding vendors as soon as I had a question they would write to. E within a couple of days. So I decided to send them an email as this was happening quite frequently and I was worried that this is how they operated and been so far from Dubai I didn’t know what was going on. I was basically told we are too busy at the moment with other wedding we will deal with your requests closer to your the day, if you are not happy with our service we will happily give you your deposit back with no hard feelings!!!!!
    I just though for all the vendors I have Vintage Bloom will be the most awkward and rude but just leave them to it as it is their problem I wasn’t in a position to find another florist or feel negative about the wedding.
    So my arrival to Dubai came, I met with Hana to conclude our plans for the day. I explained again what I wanted and she gave me the running of the events, I avoid the balance and away we went. BUT on the day my flowers arrived they were NOT what we had discussed, they had disgusting cheap ribbon tied around the bridal party bouquets, I had simply asked for plain cream peonies for both bouquets which were mixed in. With roses I don’t know why! I really wonder what all the emails, meeting and calls were about??!!
    I had spoken to people in Dubai and wedding vendors since I was concerned and they have heard a lot of complaints about Vintage Bloom, their attitude and service.
    To top everything off, I was told by Hana from Vintage Bloom that her staff would collect the vases and tea lights from the venue that night. I had brought my own decorations also such as a wedding wishing tree. On the wedding wishing tree I had wish tags that my guests wrote on and tied on the tree. I paid Vintage Bloom for the tree that they provided and used it for my wishing tree.
    I had guests from Ireland, UK, Dubai and Australia attend the wedding so each wish was sentimental to my husband and I.
    To my disgust Vintage Bloom staff threw my wishing tree in the bin with the tags on it. I got CCTV images from the hotel as Hana from Vintage Bloom said that her staff did not see the tags!!! This was my property my gusts wishes and no reason why they should have been thrown out. I sent the image to Vintage Bloom to see what they have to say for themselves on Tuesday and they have not bothered to contact me. I emailed again Thursday and today and nothing. They are the worst company to work with, please if you want a one on one service don’t deal with them as too stressful and even after the stress you don’t get the flowers you want. There is more to a business than their product the customer service pre and post is so important.
    I do not usually complain, but the way the Vintage Bloom have disregarded me as a customer and also thrown away my wishing tags from my wedding with all of our guests wishes that they wrote and don’t seem to care I want to let future brides know.

    • Hi Carly.

      Firstly congratulations on your wedding 🙂

      I am so, so very sorry to hear of your negative experience. Having worked with VB for my own wedding, I had no issues with them and I have worked with them on a number of styles shoots too without issue,..however, I have forwarded your message to the VB team and do hope they will contact you to offer an apology. I am more then happy to publish real bride comments on here, negative or positive….although I always recommend contacting the vendor direct, which it seems you have.

      I do hope you get a response soon and again, I’m sorry to hear you had a bad experience…..esp with your wishing tree tags! 🙁

      Rio xx

  2. Ariana says:

    Thats really disgusting Carly. I feel so bad for you, but thank you for writing this, and if anything write it on more bridal forums, instagram, facebook ect. I was considering them for my wedding next year and hence doing online research when I came across this. I was almost certain I would be spending 20,000Dhs + on flowers alone since its a traditional indian event, but with that attitude I would rather go somewhere more professional. Just wanted to let you know that you have helped save a fellow bride from disappointment. I can’t stand establishments, especially in dubai that belittle peoples budgets or wishes for their events. I will be spreading the word from now on to others. Customer loyalty is all places like this have really so I hope they apologised and compensated you for your sentimental loss.

  3. Melissa says:

    Hi Ladies
    After reading te above I will definately not be using VB for my wedding in April, can anyone reccommend a place for my weddding flowers with some positive feedback?

    Thank you,

    • Hi Melissa.

      I used VB for my wedding and have used them for several other events without any issue at all, just so you know. But of course, I respect that one bad experience may put others off. You can try Contempo or Bliss. I have heard decent feedback regarding both florists.

      Good luck.

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